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HemoSpec - European Partners joining Forces for Health

Life threatening infectious diseases and sepsis are worldwide problems due to their high mortality rates. In order to select optimal treatments for the highly heterogeneous group of patients and to reduce costs, there is an urgent need for novel multiplexed tools that better characterize the patient and its specific immune response.

Within the EU-supported research project HemoSpec, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians and engineers from six European countries has joined forces to develop an innovative device for early, fast and reliable medical diagnosis of infectious diseases and sepsis using only minimal amounts of patient's blood. 

Driven by the demands of clinical partners, HemoSpec partners combine three key enabling technologies for precise blood examination. One common user interface, common data storage and analysis software will make the dense information from HemoSpec available to the clinical enduser in a single working step. 

Strong industrial participation spanning the portfolio from biomarker supply to spectrometer companies up to software integrators assures ultimate exploitation of the innovative developments and the final device on the market leading to enhanced European market leadership in the field of medical diagnosis. 

The HemoSpec device will enable that the patient receives the therapy ideally suited to his needs at the right time.